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Harbor Road Policies

Credit Policy

Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital has a “no billing” policy, which enables us to keep our fees low. All services performed at Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital are to be paid for when rendered. We do not accept postdated checks, but we do accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Waiver of Liability

If my animal(s) should injure themselves in an escape attempt, refuse food, soil themselves, become ill or die while in the hospital, I will hold Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital and its staff free of any responsibility and/or liability in the absence of gross negligence.

Policy for Hospitalized & Boarded Animals

For reasons of health and safety, all animals hospitalized or boarded at Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital are required to have current vaccinations and be free of fleas. If necessary Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital will vaccinate animals to bring them up to date and will apply a topical flea treatment if fleas are found. All costs for these services will be the responsibility of the pet’s owner.